MusicDance021 | Performance Residency Cape Town 2020

MusicDance Performance Residency is Cape Town’s foremost interdisciplinary composition residency for dancers and musicians. Now in its third year, the residency focuses on developing individual performance and composition skills, and providing opportunities for artistic networking and collaboration. The program will run from 8 March till 1 April 2020, consisting of 4 composition workshops and 2 public performances. Musicians and dancers from diverse training, styles and backgrounds will be selected to join the programme. Priority will be given to performers who are invested in composing their own work and collaborating with other artists across disciplines and genres. 

The residency promotes collaboration across diverse disciplines of music and dance, and boasts a teaching team with a wide knowledge of techniques and extensive experience in interdisciplinary an inter-genre collaboration. Dancers and musicians will work both separately and together to extend their practice of real-time composition and interdisciplinary performance making. The teaching team comprises Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT/NL), Vintani Nafassi (MZ), Coila-Leah Enderstein (ZA) and Thalia Laric (ZA). The team also includes lighting designer Frans Mandilakhe Zunguze, videographer Dex Goodman and photographer Lindsey Appolis.

MusicDance Performance Residency provides a transformative experience for artists to extend their skills, artistry and agency while forging new collaborations and lasting artistic connections. The performance platform provides the chance to present new work to the public and offers insight into the immediacy and risk of real-time performance making.  

Opening Performance 11 March 2020

THEATRE ARTS : Corner of Milton and Wesley Street, Observatory, Cape Town.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Performance 2, 3 and MusicDance for Children are postponed until further notice.

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MusicDance Performance Residency is made possible in collaboration with THEATRE ARTS and Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos



Visser Liebenberg, Refentse Ramatlhodi, Bonga Kwana, Carol Joy Williams, Louisa Theart, Tracey Rose, Garth Erasmus, Caley Garden, Tamara Ringas, Adam Salmon, Richard-Dean Sumares, Che Adams, Selah Joy, Thabisa Sagela, Jessica Williams, Tania Vossgatter, Simo Majola, Bongo Mhlauli, John Cartwright, Ilze Williams, Lorin Sookool, Nkosentsha Tamana, Sumalgy Nuro, Tossie van Tonder, Nicola Elliott.

workshop images | 2019
2020 teachers

Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT/NL) is an independent dance-artist from Italy, based in the Netherlands for 20 years where she works as a performer and teacher regularly collaborating with different musicians and composers. Manuela’s speciality is movement research and composition as it relates to music. She has taught and presented work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cape Town, Madrid, Prague, Warsaw, Rome, Seoul a.o. For many years she has studied and worked with Katie Duck, who is one of her greatest creative influences. Website:


Vintani Nafassi (MZ) is a percussionist, composer and professional dancer from Mozambique. His main focus is African traditional music and dance. He has taught music and dance as well as performed in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Brazil, China and Reunion Island. He was a professional dancer and musician for 10 years in the National Dance and Song Company of Mozambique. Currently he works as a choreographer, musician, song writer and composer, and as a teacher of traditional songs, drums and dance at the African Music Department of the University of Cape Town. Website:


Coila-Leah Enderstein (ZA) is a pianist and artist from Cape Town. She has premiered a number of compositions by South African composers including Amy Luyendijk, Pierre-Henri Wicomb and Dr Michael Blake. Moving between music, theatre and sound art, Coila-Leah’s approach is heavily process-based and relies strongly on collaboration with other artists. She has close partnerships with multi-disciplinary artist Nicola van Straaten, flautist Sally Minter, and percussionist Dylan Tabisher, and has presented work in South Africa, Namibia, the Netherlands and Germany. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universitat der Künste, Berlin. Website:


Thalia Laric (ZA) is an independent dance-artist from Cape Town. She holds a Master’s degree in Choreography from Rhodes University and has presented work in South Africa and The Netherlands. She has performed professionally with the First Physical Theatre Company, FTH:K Theatre Company, Underground Dance Theatre, and Nicola Elliott. She regularly teaches and performs in Cape Town and Amsterdam. Website: