All events taking place at OT301, Overtoom 301 10HW Amsterdam except for 2 May at Perdu Theatre

Doors open: 20:15 Starts: 20:30 hrs Entrance: 7 euro

 MD301 30 May  20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 

Set 1 – ‘Touch Sound’ Thalia Laric & Jonathan Nagel

Tones of touch form the blueprint for this sound and movement duet. Dancer Thalia Laric and bassist Jonathan Nagel explore the interrelation of sonic and physical events and their potential to initiate, influence and inspire one another. Lights: Ellen Knops

Set 2 – ‘Caminho mas não sou caminhante’

Dance – Ana Leonor Ladas Music – Michael Moore Lights – Ellen Knops A performance of dance, music and light inspired by the Portuguese revolution of 25 de Abril 1974.

Lights by Ellen Knops

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MD301 6 June   20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 

Set 1 – “tzZiiiY oioIyOyunn tzZiiTsieetit/iEidititssi” Arvind Ganga (electric guitar + objects) + Mavridou Maria (dance)

Set 2-‘Strange band’ Izabela Pacewicz – Wysocka, Sebastian López  Lehto, Naz Buhsem, Paweł Grala (dance) Noortje Köhne (viola), Tanaquil Schuttel  (voice / percussive instruments), Johnathan Nagel (contrabass)

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 21 June 20:30 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam 


Made by, Performance and text: Katie Duck

Dance/movement collaborating artists: Miri Lee, Manuela Tessi, Sylvain Meret.

Live Music collaborator: Mary Oliver (violin and viola).

Sound mix Katie Duck

Lights Ellen Knops



MD301 21 Sept 2017

Set 1: The Crossroads by Roberta Štěpánková with music by Amund J. Røe

Set 2: performance: Dorit Weintal, Kim Hoogterp music: Simone Giacomini

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 25 Oct 2017

Set 1: -Nicolle Vieira – dance Andre’ de Vasconcelos- and Pedro Ivo Ferreira music

Set 2 –Bistecchiño & Cortege; fallen wonders from the Sky. A quintet of retro-futuristic-synthpop music-dance improvisation.

With: Astarti Athanasiadou , Stefania Petroula, Tashi Iwaoka , Fazle Shairmahomed , music by  Bistecchiño  aka Stefano Sgarbi

Lights: Ellen Knops

MD301 15 Nov 2017 

-Set 1: ‘Love I-III’ Dance/performance by Anni Kaila with poetry by Janne-CamillaLyster

-Set 2: Pugs and Crows and Marc Nukoop: Music: Iris van Peppen, Kim Hoogterp, Aida Guirro Salinas, Marisa Grande, Femke Jansen: Dance

Lights: Ellen Knops

Md301 29 Nov 2017 

-Set 1: RHEA concept and performance: Isadora Tomasi sound design: Les Bell, Tatiana Rosa, Isadora Tomasi
light design: Kelvin Pater / light technician: Petyr Veenstra

-Set 2:   ‘Fence ‘ ,  a Music Dance quartet performer by Noortje Kohne, viola Camille Verhaak, clarinet, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka and Thalia Laric, dance. Developed during the Improvisation Summer Course of Katie Duck in 2017, the performance explores hypothetical front and back spaces and the ability to connect with things we cannot see

Lights: Petyr Veenstra

MD301 13 Dec 2017 

MD301 presents three works by Vincent Cacialano, Alan McDermott in collaboration with Amsterdam based artists

-Set 1: -“Eyes Closed Rehearsal” Dance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Choreography: Vincent Cacialano i.c.m. M.L.Tessi, Music: Jong Kag Park, Film and Animation: Alan McDermott, Vincent Cacialano
-“Animation Project” Film and Animation: Alan McDermott, Vincent Cacialano, Music t.b.a.

-Set 2: “Crescendo” Dance: Vincent Cacialano, Makiko Ito, Iris van Peppen, Andrea Pisano, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Silvia Bennett, Thalia Laric Music: Ben Brown (drums)

Lights: Ellen Knops



MD301 18 January 2018  

“Furtherance” Performance by Katie Duck and  Julyen Hamilton

Lights: Ellen Knops

MD301  15 March 2018 

-Set 1: Lime Rickey International‘s UNSTOPPABLE

-Set 2 and 3: Iris van Peppen I Co

Lights: Ellen Knops


 MD301 28 March 2018 

Set 1- Robbert van Hulzen – drums and Irina Sentjabowa – performance

Set 2-Marianthi Michailidou – performance and James Hewitt – violin, Danielle Davidson- visuals

Set 3-“Me an Idiot” by Luis Lara Malvacias

Lights by Ellen Knops


MD301  4 April 2018 

Set 1- “shortcut” by Lily Kiara, Barbara Pereyra- dance , Joost Buis-trombone and Ab Baars- clarinet, saxophone and shakuhachi

Set 2- Mark Alban Lotz- flutes and Kenzo Kusuda- dance

Lights by Ellen Knops

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2 May MD Performance Series goes to Perdu Theatre!   20:30 Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam

Set 1-“The Loom” quartet with Manuela Lucia Tessi and Mata Sakka/dance , Friederike Wendorf/flutes and Rieko Okuda/keyboards and   electronics

Set 2- “Bark! Bark!” by Weijke Koopmans i.c.m dancer Lily Kiara and cellists Gabor Hartyani, Bas van Waard and Rogier Hornman

Lights by Ellen Knops.

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