Music Dance Performance Festival December 2018


 Music Dance Performance Series is an artist run project created in direct response to a need to re-consider interdisciplinary performance within a contemporary context. The series presents performances with an explicit compositional focus on the live interaction of movement, sound and lights. The series launches a festival in December.

Music Dance Performance Festival

OT301, Overtoom 301 HW Amsterdam

12 and 13 December Doors open 20:15 Start 20:30 Entrance: sliding scale E5/10

+16 December Wonderland

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Wednesday 12 December

“Instruction on Stopping and Starting” by Vincent Cacialano (UK-NL) with Maria Mavridou (GR-NL), Izabela Pacewicz Wysocka (PL-NL), Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT-NL), movement , music Robbert van Hulzen (NL)- drums

Dance, Music and Light create an interactive performance in which motion, momentum, and spontaneity are the driving forces to create choreography and composition.

“Score 3”  by Vincent Cacialano and Ilaria Honsinger (NL) – movement ,  music Robbert van Hulzen (NL)- drums

Visual Art, Music, Movement and Light come together to create an emotional and cerebral statement in performance.

-“Diapason” by Silvia Bennett  (IT) and Makiko Ito (JP-NL)- movement , music Marcos Baggiani (AR/NL) -drums and Bruno Bonansea- clarinet

Lights for all  the pieces Ellen Knops (NL)

Thursday 13 December

“tzZiiiY, are we in heaven yet?”  by  Maria Mavridou  (GR-NL) -movement ,  Arvind Ganga (NL) -electric guitar and objects

“tzZiiiY, are we in heaven yet? is a performance that starts with two individual beings and their two distinct languages (movement and sound) that gradually find a way towards each other in order to create a common ground for play.  Adding layer after layer to their relationship, through playfulness and confrontation, entanglement and separation, gentleness and friction, they both (ab)use their respective media in all ways imaginable in the (sometimes desperate) attempt to reach a common plane and create a shared dream that everyone can be part of. Gentle approaches, fearful sensing, sudden ruptures, puzzled pauses and unlimited imagination are their friends in creating this strange bubble of movement and sound that is getting filled with fragments until it explodes and makes way for a new and sparkling universe. Amidst abstract movement and fragmented dances you might catch some glimpses of a hungry fish-goddess or a bird with elephant legs trying to fly without avail, while the sound takes you into a world of noise and drones, frenzied loops, melodic patterns and shattered sounds of the every day.

“All at Once”  Movement: Kristina Johnstone (ZA) , Thalia Laric (ZA) and Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT-NL) , Music: Coila-Leah Enderstein (ZA-DE) – piano and electronics

All At Once is a study of time using the concept of improvised unison. How can four performers share a thinking place while composing sound and movement in a performance? The work conjures time as it asks the performers to be attentive to the present and near past as they try to predict the future. Through this attention to the tracking of time, a particular quality of presence is exposed.

-“Pasionaria”  Concept/movement/sound: Javier Murugarren (ES-NL), Sound: Assaf Weitz, Manolo Artiles

Pasionaria is the first staging of a current physical and sound investigation that uses darkness as a search for the connection of space and time with other planes of perception beyond vision, beyond image. 
The fuzzy body and the tenuous space, the areas of penumbra and the lateral poetic attacks are some of the ideas that will be shown in the evening. Thanks to AFK for making this work possible.

Lights for all  the pieces Ellen Knops (NL)

Sunday 16 December

Wonderland: Music and Dance for Children and Family

15:15-15:45 0-2 years old/ 16:15-17:00 2+ years Entrance: 6 E adult 3 E kid


Photo and poster design : Roman Zotter

Thanks to SED fund for contributing to the space costs.

Maria Mavridou and Arvind Ganga picture Filip  Molski


Coila-Leah Enderstein picture Lindsey Appolis


Kristina Johnstone and Manuela Lucia Tessi picture Lindsey Appolis
Thalia Laric and Manuela Lucia Tessi


Vincent Cacialano


Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka picture by Jong Kag Park