MusicDance Virtual platform (Covid-19)

Virtual Duos sharing Archive and MusicDance Performance Residency postponement

photo Ilze Williams

MusicDance Performance residency had to pause because of the Covid-19 crisis.

Some of the artists kept the practice going during lockdown by meeting virtually and creating short music and dance real time composed pieces. Some were spontaneous encounters while many of them are the result of a few virtual rehearsal sessions. We started to show the works to each other in a closed group , every Thursday through a zoom call.

We started to invite some of our overseas colleagues to participate in this initiative.

Nothing can replace the live of course, and we had to figure out ways of working through the digital media, figuring out sound settings through a platform that is made for conferencing, not for live performance.

We took this as an assignment that has enriched and sharpened our study of composition. The positive aspect is that we could focus on one on one relationship sound and movement. We are very much looking forward to meet again live and practice ensemble work for a gathered audience.

MusicDance Performance Residency will be postponed to 2021, as the conditions for gatherings are still unclear during 2020 and we prefer to take slower steps to guarantee safety.

We will keep going with the Virtual Duos sharing weekly in June, every two weeks in July and August and monthly from September to when the project will be resumed live.

If you would like to participate with a short piece please write proposing a constellation of dancer-musician.

Here an archive of videos of the pieces we shared with each other every Thursday so far , enjoy!!

#1  – 30 April

Ben Brown-Che Adams

Thaila Laric- Tamara Ringas

Che Adams-Manuela Tessi

Selah Joy- Louisa Theart

Vintani Nafassi – Sumalgy Nuro

#2 – 7 May

Tania Vossgatter- Vintani Nafassi

Tamara Ringas- Selah Joy

Lucy Strauss- Sumalgy Nuro

Ben Brown- Jessica Williams

Coila-Leah Enderstein- Ilze Williams

#3 – 14 May

Nicola Elliott- Tamara Ringas

Thalia Laric- Caley Garden

Che Adams- Lucy Strauss

Manuela Tessi- Friederike Wendorf

Vintani Nafassi- Ilze Williams

#4 – 21 May

Nicola Elliott- Caley Garden

Louisa Theart- Che Adams

Sumalgy Nuro, Thalia Laric, Vintani Nafassi, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Manuela Tessi

#5 – 28 May

Ben Brown- Manuela Tessi

Tania Vossgatter –Lucy Strauss

Visser Liebenberg- Richard-Dean Sumares

Lorin Sookool – Coila-Leah Enderstein

#6 – 4 June

Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka – Laura Lotti

Thalia Laric- Sumalgy Nuro

Jessica Williams- Ben Brown –Che Adams

Richard-Dean Sumares- Tamara Ringas- Vintani Nafassi

#7 – 11 June


Leilah Kirsten -Friederike Wendorf

John Cartwright -Vintani Nafassi

Maria Mavridou- Arvind Ganga


#8 – 18 June

Vintani Nafassi- Nicolle Vieira

Lucy Strauss- Caley Garden

Sumalgy Nuro- Manuela Tessi

Beatriz Gijon- Julia de Rosenwerth






#9 – 25 June

Sumalgy Nuro- Vasco Mirine

Tossie van Tonder -Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka

Caley Garden – Selah Joy- Lucy Strauss

#10 – 2 July

Ensemble play

#11- 9 July

Ensemble play

#12- 23 July

Panos Nicolaides and Che Adams

Silvia Bennett, Lucy Strauss and Manuela Tessi


#13- 6 August

Ensemble play

#14 – 27 August

Sumalgy Nuro and Silvia Bennett

Nicolle Vieira, Thalia Laric and Manuela Tessi


#15 – 17 September

Annarita Ricciardi and Sumalgy Nuro

Tossie van Tonder and John Cartwright

Lucy Strauss, Silvia Bennett and Nicola Elliott

Nicolle Vieira and Camille Verhaak


#16 – 15 October 

Annarita Ricciardi, Ben Brown and Manuela Tessi

Tera Kilbride and Nicolle Vieira

Jonathan Nagel and Thalia Laric

Camille Verhaak, Lucy Strauss, Nicolle Vieira and Tossie van Tonder



photo Ilze Williams
Photo Tania Lea Vossgatter
Photo Tania Lea Vossgatter