MD301 ARCHIVE 2016-17

All events taking place at OT301, Overtoom 301 10HW Amsterdam.

Doors open: 20:45 Starts: 21:00 hrs Entrance: 7 euro


MD301 7 September 2016

Set 1: Posthuman, by Carla RóisínPerformance: Carla Róisín, Sayaka Akitsu, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen
Music (live electronics): Stephan Raidl
Set 2: -At The Threshold of your Skin by Andrea Hackl & Abilash Ningappa

Lights Colin McLean


photo Theo van Loon
photo Theo van Loon











MD301 5 October 2016

Set 1: Dance: Ana Trejo Jativa, Femke Jansen, Iris van Peppen Music: Marc Alexander Nukoop (electronics) Marcos Baggiani (drums)

Set 2: “Dinggedicht” Dance: Ana Leonor Ladas, Lily Kiara, Music: Ab Baars (reeds)

Lights Ellen Knops

photo Theo van Loon
photo Theo van Loon













MD301 3 November 2016

Set 1: Silence, music, body. An exploration in the combined usage of these three areas.Katie Duck (performance and Mary Oliver (viola)

Set 2: Solid Seeing Concept, Direction: Miri Lee Creation and performance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Miri Lee Music: Jongkag Park (electronics)

Lights Ellen Knops

photo Theo van Loon
photo by Theo van Loon











MD301 16 November 2016

Set 1: “ohne Fuge” Direction & Choreography: Samuel Feldhandler Dance: Anni Kaila Eva Honings / Lena Schattenberg Music by Samuel Feldhandler on a theme by J.S. Bach Thanks to AFK and Theatreschool for supporting this work

Set 2: “…if you insist!”  music: Gábor Hartyáni (cello) dance: Raoul Germano, Birgit Gunzl

Lights Ellen Knops

photo Theo van Loon
photo Theo van Loon














MD301 7 December 2016

Set 1: The White Noise Orchestra

Set 2:  Convoi Exceptionnel weijke & partners dance: Ilse van Haastrecht, Tashi Iwaoka, Weijke Koopmans, Ana Leonor Ladas, Sylvain Meret, Maaike van de Westering music : Ben Brown (percussion and ukelele)

Lights: Colin McLean








Wednesday 14 December 2016

Set 1: The smallest weird moment by Emese Csornai and Paolo Cingolani 

Set 2- Dances for Whales- Recording session T.H.Y (tiana hemlock-yensen) & You.

Lights: Emese Csornai


MD301 11 January 2017

 Julyen Hamilton and Katie Duck, performance

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 15 February 2017

Set 1: Music: Leo Svirsky (accordeon, piano), Arvind Ganga (guitar, objects) Dance: Miri Lee, Manuela Lucia Tessi

Set 2: title: “T│Here Is No Getting Off” Composing a piece by constant rearrangement of space and time. Dance/performance: Stefania Petroula, Izabela Pacewicz, Music: Vilbjørg Broch (vocals, eletronics), Noortje Köhne (viola), James Hewitt (violin/viola)

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 8 March 2017 Special women’s day edition of MD301

Set 1:by and 32:   Maya Feliksbrodt (viola) and Geerte de Koe (violin)

Set 2:“La Que Sabe” by and with Silvia Bennett with dancers Weijke Koopmans, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Ilse van Haastrecht, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Gaia Gonnelli

Music by Ada Rave, saxophones

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 30 March 2017

Set 1: Comm on senses or what is in the air

by Tashi Iwaoka, Tiana Hemlock Yensen and Alkisti Theophilou (performance)

Set 2: -Help me To Crash: Malgorzata Haduch, Maria Mavridou (performance), Paulina Owczarek (saxophone) , Arvind Ganga (guitar and objects)

Lights: Ellen Knops


MD301 12 April 2017

Set 1: A L L F O R B I G B ! (a piece by Billie & Wheelgod) Direction: Billie Hanne Dance and Poetics: Barbara Pereyra, Billie Hanne Production: Bones of G

Set 2: Variation on One by Marisa Grande , Iris van Peppen, dance and Marc Nukoop, electronics

Lights: Ellen Knops

MD301 16 May 2017  special edition for Present is present Festival at Zaal 100

Set 1- Miri Lee, dance and Oene van Geel violin

Set 2: El Otro: Arvind Ganga , guitar and objects and Manuela Lucia Tessi, dance


MD301 25 May 2017

Set 1: -Charlie Morrissey and guests (performance)

Set 2: -Ana Leonor Ladas, Giacomo Calabrese (performance), Leo Swirsky (accordeon) , and ‘L’Ame-de-fonds’ Company

Lights: Ellen Knops

MD301 29 June 2017

Two Halves Meeting- Amsterdam/Phoenix Improvised Music and Dance Evening with Eileen Standley and guests

Music: Andy Moor -guitar and Yannis Kyriakides- electronics, Barry Moon, Doug Nottingham

Dance: Eileen Standley, Michael Schumacher, Lily Kiara, Makiko Ito, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Mary Fitzgerald, Jordan Klitzke

Lights: Ellen Knops