MusicDance projects are spearheaded by dancer Manuela Lucia Tessi in collaboration with local artists in Berlin (with musician Friederike Wendorf),  Amsterdam (with performers Maria Marìvridou, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, lighting designer Ellen Knops and video artist Roman Zotter) , and Cape Town (with dancer Thalia Laric and musician Coila-Leah Enderstein.)

The project takes place in the three cities and has different formats, with the common focus of fostering the collaboration of musicians and dancers in performance by offering curated performance platforms, workshops and practice sessions and peer support.

The aim of these activities is to develop and sustain the practice and research of the relationship of sound and movement to create performance work that is immediate, risk taking and challenging the boundaries between disciplines and genres.
Upcoming: MusicDance Performance Residency in Cape Town
8 March – 1 April 2020
MusicDance Performance Residency is Cape Town’s foremost interdisciplinary composition residency for dancers and musicians. Now in its third year, the residency focuses on developing individual performance and composition skills, and providing opportunities for artistic networking and collaboration. Hosted by Theatre Arts, the program will run from 8 March till 1 April 2020 consisting of 4 composition workshops and 2 public performances.
CAPE TOWN                                       MusicDance021

AMSTERDAM                     Music Dance Performance Series

BERLIN                                         MusikTanzNullDreißig