Music Dance 021 – Cape Town

MD021 is a platform for fostering the collaboration of music and dance in performance in Cape Town. The first phase of this project took place at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective
 during   Manuela Lucia Tessi (IT/NL) residence from 14 January till 20 February 2018.
Music Dance 021 consisted of five weeks of open practice sessions, performances, and movement classes open to the local community of dancers and musicians. Manuela ‘s current work focuses on real time ( improvised) composed dance and the relationship between movement and live music in performance. Professionals, students, trainees and dancers and musicians of all ages were invited to take part and collaborate in sessions, classes and performances.
 The schedule of the activities is below.
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Events Calendar and Description

OPEN PRACTICE SESSIONS Sundays 4-7 pm January 14th, 21st , 28th and February 4th , 11th Sessions are open to dancers, musicians, theatre practictioners and will be facilitated by Manuela. The focus of these sessions is interdisciplinary (music and movement) improvisation towards performance. The sessions will be also a way to meet and collaborate with artists that are interested in proposing groups of dancers and musicians for the weekly performance events. Sessions will start at 4pm sharp , the space will be open 3:30 pm for set up and warm up. Participation fee R50 (R20 concession)
MOVEMENT CLASSES Mondays 12-2 pm January 15th , 22nd , 29th and February 5th ,12th In these classes I combine my background in contemporary dance with improvisation technique to explore movement principles and pathways that feel logical and organic to the body. Starting from floorwork we will weave in and out of set material with special attention of phrasing and musicality. Participation fee R50
Each event will consist of a series of improvised performance pieces, each with a different constellation of dancers and musicians from the sunday sessions and a lighting designer who will create an improvised light setting. If you have an idea for an improvised piece that you would like to show ( length can vary between 10 and 30 min) involving live music and movement please come to the sunday sessions and let us know. We hope that musicians and dancers will meet new collaborators each session and invite each other to create new improvisation performances together. Before each performance there will be a facilitated rehearsal space for each piece to receive feedback. Please be available to rehearse if you plan to perform.
Rehearsal times: Tuesday January 23rd 7-9 pm, (for performance of the 24th) Monday January 29th 5-7 pm (for performance of the 31st), Tuesday February 6th 5-8 pm (for performance of the 7th), Thursday February 15th 5-8 pm ( for performances of 16th and 17th)
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With Thalia Laric – dance, Manuela Lucia Tessi- dance, Colia Leah Enderstein – piano, Christelle Dreyer – dance, Visser Liebenberg- clarinet, Jessica Williams- dance Robin Brink- drums
With: Hannah Loewenthal,, Julia de Rosenwerth, Cilna Katzke, John Cartwright, Mia Labuschagne, Francesca Krnjak, Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi- (dance) , Robin Brink -( drums) , Colia Leah Enderstein (piano) , Lucy Strauss-(viola) Mandilahke Zunguze- (viola)
With: Julia de Rosenwerth, Adriana Jamisse, John Cartwright, Jessica Williams, Kristina Johnstone, Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi- (dance) Robin Brink – (drums) Colia Leah Enderstein (piano) Lucy Strauss- (viola) Osamu Nakada (viola), Visser Liebenberg (clarinet), Hannah Loewenthal (lights)
With: Tossie van Tonder, Kristina Johnstone, Thalia Laric, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Hannah Loewenthal, Mia Labuschagne, Francesca Krnjak, Roxanne de Freitas , Elsa Duault – dance Robin Brink – drums, Colia Leah Enderstein – piano, Lucy Strauss- viola, Visser Liebenberg- clarinet, Andrea Dico’ – drums Mandilahke Zunguze- lights